The signed copy of the Declaration of Independence (left) wasn’t drafted until a month after the Dunlap Broadsides were printed!


5 responses to “DOI_BroadsideWEB

  1. I’m searching for more detailed information about the darker coloured document as shown above left on this page.
    Thank – you.

  2. Rusty – The darker colored document is the Declaration of Independence housed in Washington DC at the National Archives.

  3. Thanks Erika. I have a document that looks like this and I’m trying to find somewhere in Vancouver or Victoria,British Columbia to have it analyzed.Anyone you know?

    Regards, Rusty

  4. Rusty – I get this question a lot, I’m going to do research and then do a blog post on it… stay tuned.

  5. Hi Erika,

    One more question, do you have any info on 13-1/2” x 15-1/2” parchment/vellum/rice paper copies of this document?
    Thanks again.

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